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Volunteer Opportunities

NNPCN is always looking for talent, heart, and skills in our region.

COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS PLACEMENTS: Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Students


1)   Short description of the duties the student will be performing during their placement (undergraduate and graduate studies).

  • Six lines of placement: Bereavement, Palliative Care, Volunteer Application, Training and Education,Events, Fund Raising and Awareness, and Business Administration.
  • Bereavement. Placement student helps run NNPCN Bereavement program in North Bay and assists with administrative supervision and database control of Bereavement program in our Satellite Teams (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Almaguin) from North Bay office. Develops new Bereavement operations and programs. Participates in NNPCN Bereavement and Grief Training and Education opportunities.
  • Palliative Care. Placement Student helps run NNPCN Palliative Care Volunteer Visiting Hospice Program in North Bay and assists with administrative supervision and database control of Palliative Care Program in our Satellite Teams (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Almaguin) from North Bay office. Develops new Palliative Care operations and programs. Participates in NNPCN Volunteer Visiting Hospice Palliative Care Training and Education opportunities.
  • Volunteer Application.  Placement student helps run NNPCN Volunteer Recruitment and Training Program in North Bay and assists with administrative supervision and database control of Volunteer Recruitment and Training Program in our Satellite Teams (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Almaguin) from North Bay Office. Develops new Volunteer Application process. Participates in NNPCN Administrative Training and Education opportunities.
  • Training and Education. Placement student helps run NNPCN Training and Education Program in North Bay and assists with administrative supervision and database control of Volunteer and Community training opportunities offered by NNPCN in our Satellite Teams (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Almaguin) from North Bay Office. Helps run and the Palliative Care Education Services (PCES) Training and Education meetings and events. Develops new training and education programs.
  • Events, Fundraising and Awareness. Placement students help run NNPCN Events, Fund raising and Awareness Program in North Bay from North Bay Office; assists with administrative supervision, events organization and participation in North Bay and area, including Satellite Teams regions (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls and Almaguin). Develops new events, fund raising and awareness programs/events. Participates in NNPCN Events, Fundraising and Awareness Training and Education opportunities.
  • Business Administration. This is a non-profit management-oriented position. Placement student is under direct mentoring of the Executive Director, and helps to control accounts payables, receivables, complete quarterly reports to the Ministry, enter Volunteer hours of service and mileage in the database, participate in awareness and fundraising events, composes Agenda and Minutes of meetings, manages Executive Director personal schedule, and receives notions of grants writing. Participates in NNPCN Training and Education opportunities of student’s choice.

2)      How many students can NNPCN accept at a time?

We can accommodate up to 6 (six) students at a time, one for each of the six lines of placement described above.

3)      Will travel be required?

Travel occasionally required depending on the nature of the placement, to meetings, fairs, awareness and fundraising events in the area (Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Almaguin). NNPCN reimburses mileage in case student travels to participate in NNPCN meetings or events. Placements happen at North Bay Office, St. Joseph’s Motherhouse, 2025 Main Street West, North Bay, ON, P1B 2X6, phone: 705-497-9239.

4)      Hours of work from Monday to Wednesday?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and we accommodate for the student availability within our work hours.

5)      Any special requirements for the role?

Police Check for the vulnerable sector and 3 References are mandatory. French language a plus.

We work with terminal illness, death, and the vulnerable sector in crisis: palliative care terminal clients, their caregivers and bereaved members of our community. Our palliative care clients may have multiple complex health conditions such as brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS that require intense care. Their caregivers are often greatly impacted by trauma, depression, physical exhaustion, anxiety and slight forms of PTSD. 

We send highly trained volunteers to provide Volunteer Visiting Hospice and Caregiver’s Respite to clients in our catchment area: Nipissing and East Parry Sound Districts.

Due to our clients’ stress and emotional crisis, we are always looking for candidates with a structured, positive and balanced personality, that will help us create a healthy work environment and keep strict confidentiality and best standards of work ethics. Clients benefit from a calm, balanced team in a happy work environment. This also creates a positive ripple among Volunteers.

The profile of ideal candidates is: psychologically balanced, positive structured personality, team player, loyal, honest, ethical, responsible, kind, respectful, considerate, committed, assiduous, healthy, works well under chain of command, hard working, ready to assist and support the Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator, colleagues, clients, healthcare partners, stakeholders, and ageing community.

NNPCN retains the right of contacting the University Field Placement Coordinator about students who display serious disruptive behaviours such as breach of confidentiality, insubordination, harassment, absenteeism or any behaviour deemed as serious matter.

Depending on NOHFC approval of NNPCN grant applications, outstanding placement students may be eligible to apply to a full-time one-year paid internship open to recently graduate students looking for their first job opportunity.

Connect with us

Main Office:
St. Joseph Motherhouse
2025 Main Street West
North Bay, ON  P1B 2X6
Phone: (705) 497-9239
Fax: (705) 497-1039
08:30-16:30 Monday-Friday
(closed for lunch between 12:00-13:00)

Mattawa Office:
(705) 744-3771 Fax: (705) 744-2787
West Nipissing Office:
(705) 753-5771  |  Fax: (705) 753-6130