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NNPCN Volunteers 2023

“My name is Norma-Jean Nielsen and I retired from a teaching career approximately 5 years ago.
At that time, I surveyed volunteer groups and decided to join NNPCN because of its excellent
training and friendliness. I also realized that I needed to improve my understanding of
bereavement and palliative care. Many of my friends and families were struggling with losses of
all types, and I wanted to have more confidence and skills, so I could help as needed.
The benefits of the NNPCN training and experiences are many, but I will describe three. First,
volunteers meet a diversity of people who ultimately enrich their daily life. The common goals
Community service is shared by the helpers and one feels a strong sense of belonging.
Second, the volunteers are respected and supported by the network with professional
development opportunities and social activities. Monthly lunch-and-learn meetings bring
volunteers together in a comfortable and safe environment. Third, volunteers actively engage
with individuals who need listeners or helpers during a stressful time. Listening and awareness
skills of volunteers are enhanced both for the network and for everyday living.
Five years of supporting NNPCN has strengthened my commitment to the mental health of
North Bay and surrounding districts. I look forward to meeting new volunteers who are keen to
share some time with those in need.
‘We all get by with a little help from our friends.’ (Songwriters John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1968)
NJ Nielsen, EdD”

“I have been a volunteer with NNPCN since 2019. In January that year I was looking into volunteering in palliative care and when I went to the office I was also informed that they were starting a training for bereavement facilitators which I didn’t even know that it was possible to be a volunteer for that and my heart was really leaning more towards doing that as losing so many people in my life as many of us do I was always looking of what I could do to help others who are grieving. 

You could say I was at the right place at the right time.
I went through the training which was really out of my comfort zone but so well worth it.
Now being a volunteer helping people through their grief is the best I have ever done and still love doing.
I am on the shy side but I love doing one on one sessions, that’s really my comfort zone and that’s what’s great with NNPCN is that they work with you and they do what’s best for you , you can also work with groups of people. 
The support you get is amazing, always someone there if you need help.
You take on as many clients as you are comfortable taking. 
It feels amazing  to make such a difference in someone’s life, from their first session to the last you can see the change in them for the better, very rewarding. 
I never thought I could become a volunteer as I have mentioned before being on the shy side but it goes to show us that if it’s something you have been thinking about without a doubt it is worth looking into becoming a volunteer with NNPCN, the best organization to volunteer with.
It’s been 4 amazing years and definitely no regrets and will keep doing so for a long time, as long as I can do it.
Lyne Perrier

Bereavement Support Clients 2021

I could not have wished for a more intelligent, personable, competent and empathetic facilitator. Such a great listener and always a gentle, well-informed respondent. I am most grateful for her wise, positive outlook. THANK YOU!

Palliative Support Clients/Caregivers 2020

“With deep appreciation for the support and home visits we received during a very difficult period. Special thanks to Sara, and Rose’s overnight stays provided much needed relief and support. The care and compassion offered by NNPCN staff will never be forgotten. Thank you.”

Palliative Support Clients/Caregivers 2019

“I don’t know what I would have done without you; I can’t say enough…” – Lillian, Palliative Care and Hospice Client

“Glad to have the services. The volunteer looks after my wife very well. She is excellent.” – Spouse of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“She (volunteer) is a wonderful person. She regularly comes every week. We chat and it makes a big difference in my week.” – NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“She (volunteer) is awesome. She is really good with my dad. She is here for all of us. It is nice to have a shoulder to lean on.” – Daughter of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“She (volunteer) is an absolutely wonderful person. She brightens my day. I look forward to her visits.” – NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“Mom really likes her (volunteer). She is happy. The visits give mom a chance to talk to someone other then me (daughter). She is very nice and is there for mom. Mom depends on her visits and does not want to miss them.” – Daughter of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“She (volunteer) is very kind; a nice woman. My husband enjoys her company.” – Spouse of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“She (volunteer) is an angel. We don’t know what we would do without her. She has definitely improved his (client’s) quality of life.” – Daughter of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

“I wish there was a way to adequately thank her (volunteer) for all that she has done for us. She goes above and beyond.” – Daughter of NNPCN Palliative Care Client

Individual Bereavement Sessions Evaluations 2020:

When I first came to this program, all I wanted to do was cry and blame myself for my wife’s death. As we talked and explained what was happening, after time I had the tools to work with that showed me how to deal with this grief. Today I am leaving this program much happier and a changed man. Thank you very much for all of your help. – Bereavement Services Client

When I first arrived for my first session I was devastated, sad and hopeless. My facilitator sensed this and her easy, gentle calmness made me feel hopeful. I moved through the sessions with her guidance and keen knowledge. Today I am confident that the future is bright. – Bereavement Services Client

Thank you so much for all you have done individually and as a team to reach out and stand with me in my moments of vulnerability and despair. Life is slowly coming back, seconds at a time and now, feeling stronger, I can take on daily life with more courage, leaning on my experience of getting up every day, no matter what, and putting one foot in front of the other, facing my challenges bravely. – Bereavement Services Client

This program helped me deal with my grief so much!  I was digging myself in a hole deeper and deeper.  Cathie helped me love myself, put myself first, take care of myself.  IT will be a long working process but I’m now determined to succeed. A HUGE THANK YOU to Cathie for everything.  I now feel like living.  — Bereavement Services  Client

Individual Bereavement Sessions Evaluations 2019:

I found the sessions very relaxing, they satisfied my needs.  I would recommend to everyone. — Bereavement Services Client

“When I started going to see Cathie I was a mess.  Although not suicidal, I would have preferred not to be alive.  Cathie and the staff were wonderful always.  Now I feel calm and I have hope.  Your patience and understanding have helped me more than I can say.  Thank you for helping me live again.  NNPCN is a hidden treasure.  — Bereavement Services Client

“My sessions with Cathie have helped me through this difficult time and I feel that I can and will accept what is going to happen in my future.  Thank you.” – Janice McColeman

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I started.  I didn’t think it would help this much but it did.  IT was ok to cry and be able to get my feelings out.  Thank you.” – Bereavement Services Client

I believe that having these sessions has helped me immensely with my grieving.  To be able to express my feelings in a safe, loving environment was very much needed, and to know that I wasn’t alone in this journey.  Thank you very much.” – Susan Gravelle

With losing my daughter Michelle 22 May 19 I was so lost.  A friend of mine suggested to see NNPCN – that was the best thing I ever did, as I had an excellent counsellor Cathie.  She helped me get through this and gave me tools to help me handle each day — Thank you so much for that.  – Lorraine

Lyne was very understanding, she made me feel very comfortable and that I could tell her anything and she would work with me to get through my problem.  She was supportive and amazing, everything I needed.  She walked with me.   I looked forward to coming to my session. I hated to see my sessions end because it brought me so much comfort but to know that I can come for a maintenance session whenever I need is very reassuring.  Lyne is gifted and gave me the tools to get through bad days.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

This program opened my eyes to an area that most men would never go.  Although I am still in pain and processing and learning everything with my loss, I feel confident moving forward I will once again be myself.  It was good or necessary for me to learn, understand, communicate and open up about what and why my body and mind were not seemingly under my own control.  I didn’t understand what I was feeling or going through.  The program allows a safe place to do all these things and not feel alone or judged.  Thank you.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“At first I was skeptical about coming, however Cathy made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I was able to speak freely in my emotional state. Lynn was a good listener also and I felt comfortable completing my grief sessions with her.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I came to NNPCN after the sudden death of my husband, as I felt I needed support, reassurance, and encouragement to help me through all the difficult days. I can honestly say that these needs were well met, and I now feel I can handle each day as it comes with the knowledge that I can do it.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client.

“With the help and guidance of the facilitator, we were able to move forward from this tragedy and make our lives easier to continue and cope.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“James’ experience, gentle and kind and highly affirming nature has left me feeling that I have the ability to carry on in the future, reminding myself of his constant encouragement and ‘you’ can do it….. you’re already doing it’ attitude. Crossing his path is now added to my list of gratitude. Thank you so very sincerely, James.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I began my sessions lost in grief. I was confused about my feelings and my physical well being. After counselling I feel confident that I have learned how to cope with emotions and have new ‘tools’ to rely on. This applies not only to grief but to personal growth as a whole. Thank you.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I appreciated the seamless process through which I was able to address the grief. At no time did I feel I was going through a step-by-step methodical process, but rather, a process orientated towards my personal needs in my time.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“Sessions are a great experience with facilitators who can bring out inner most feelings and guide you through the steps to peace of mind.” – Bart Krouse

Bereavement Training Session Evaluations 2020:

“Attending the grief and bereavement training helped me better understand other people’s grief processes as well as my own.” – NNPCN Trainee

“Really enjoyed the course, learned about the important of grief and bereavement in my life (not just pertaining to death) and was able to learn more about helping others.” – Julia MacDougall 

“It is very important that people realize that NNPCN is available to provide support for those who are grieving. You do not have to be alone in your bereavement journey” – Lindsay MacLean

“It was a pleasure to watch and learn new things about grief and bereavement and what NNPCN had to offer volunteers and individuals within the community. Grief and bereavement are very hard things to talk about but NNPCN offered a warming, inviting and comforting space to learn but also to be open about these hard subjects” – NNPCN Grief and Bereavement Trainee”

Bereavement Training Sessions Evaluations 2019:

“Wonderful people motivated and trained and supported in the direction of helping people effectively.” – Maureen Tallon

“Amazing services that truly prepare volunteers to help others during their times of grief. Great Training for anyone who wants to help others.” – Meghan Tarantini

“I came here to learn how to help others and found that after our sessions I had been helped.” – Maureen Groves

“I learned a lot about bereavement. There was information that I would not even thought was important. Monica made it very interesting and I feel I have tools now to begin counselling.” – Lucille Beaudry

“Exceptional week of training! Amazing, dynamic presenter. So much content applicable to my own journey of growth, as well as professional training, much gratitude!” – NNPCN Trainee

“This is a course that everyone should take who wants a deeper understanding about the differences between grief and bereavement and particularly the concept of complex grief. That was a real eye-opener for me.” – Teri

Seniors Helping Seniors 2018

“These Sessions are very educational. Varying guest speakers, with their own individual gifts add to my growth as an interested, caring and very fine human being.” – Julie-Ann Smrke

“Excellent presentation. Would like an encore presentation.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Better than Fantastic!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“You provide excellent and varied speakers; I enjoy them all. Thank You.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

Individual Bereavement Sessions Evaluations 2018:

“I would highly recommend the NNPCN grief counselling sessions. It was so helpful to have a kind and empathetic person to talk to and someone who understands the grief process and is able to lead you gently towards the path of recovery. Thank you. In addition, the facilitator was knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I found our sessions were more helpful than any visit to a psychologist!” – Cindy Long

“I know that chair is empty but now I can look again at the lake. Thank you.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“The friends that I found here were amazing. It was a fantastic group and I think we learned we are not alone.” – Sharon Elliott

“I lost my husband John in September and was devastated by the sudden loss. The counselling sessions helped me to deal with my sorrow and my grief and helped me to plan my new life without John.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

A Beautiful Poem from our Bereavement Client 2018:

“When I started going to see Cathie I was a mess. Although not suicidal, I would have preferred to not be alive. Cathie and the staff were wonderful–always. Now I feel calm and hopeful. Your patience and understanding have helped me more than I can say. Thank you for helping me live again. NNPCN is a hidden treasure.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“For myself, the session helped me cope with the loss of my father and best friend. I really recommend the services to any one that suffers a loss of a loved one.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“My brother Jacques Carre died on his couch at home. It was very hard to take that, he passed away and left me. He was there to help me when I needed it, to help me with some of the things to do at home. I was his little brother, that was very sick when I was frail. Jacques was there to give every thing I needed. If I wanted to play or go some where he was there to bring me, or was there to play with me. I grow up with Jacques as best friend and my only brother. Jacques, I thank you for ever thing you have done for me; thank you my friend, my brother.” – Bruno Carre

“When It was suggested by friends that I seek some grief counselling, I of course had some reservations, especially as a male. Generally speaking, we’re not good at sharing our emotions and feelings and so it was with trepidation that I signed up. I will say that one of the most important features of the Near North Palliative Care Network grief counselling sessions, is the feeling of security that they provide. The setting is wonderful, calming and you immediately feel secure in sharing your thoughts. The counsellor, added to this atmosphere, putting me at ease immediately, and that led to some free flowing of ideas and feelings. Despite the nature of the situation, sessions were positive, warm and uplifting even. From the very beginning, I felt better and in a short time, I felt renewed and ready to tackle the rest of the process. I would strong urge anyone who is grieving to avail themselves of this great opportunity.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“Coming here to NNPCN was a great choice for myself because it was very helpful for me to move on from the death of my grandfather, they are so understanding and caring!” – Tiffany Turner

Bereavement Group Sessions Evaluations 2017:

“I’m doing well because of this very good support system. We now have good friends for life.” – Doreen Letourneau

“Helped me enormously.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I felt that I was listened to and good advice was given. When leaving the session I felt like someone was there for me. Only wish that the program was longer with maybe a few more sessions and more time dedicated to some sessions. I felt that as a group we were just starting to feel comfortable and it’s all over and we are on our own again. I did get a lot of help with it and I know we can get professional sessions but I really like the group feeling.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“Great work – Keep it up! Sessions should be lengthened to 12 from 8.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“Without the support and interaction with the group I am not sure where I would be today emotionally.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

Seniors Helping Seniors 2017

“Relevant, Inspiring, Speaker is very knowledgeable.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Enjoyed sessions very much.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“I really enjoyed attending NNPCN seminars. Thanks!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Looking forward to future sessions!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Enjoyed the groups demonstrations.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“In black and white, it helps to open up your eyes and mind to see a broader outlook.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Relevant, inspiring, speaker is very knowledgeable.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Excellent. Very much appreciated, enjoyed.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Attended last year, enjoyed sessions very much.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“I really enjoyed attending NNPCN seminars! Thanks!” -Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“This session was especially comforting and reassuring with my beliefs.” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Both speakers were great!” –Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Better than fantastic!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Very informative!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Interesting topics and speaker!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“You provide excellent and varied speakers. I enjoy them all. Thank you!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

“Excellent presentation!” – Seniors Helping Seniors Participant

Individual Bereavement Sessions Evaluations 2017:

“The services I received through NNPCN truly changed my life. I am able to continue my journey without the weight of guilt and sadness bringing me down. I am beyond thankful for the service and highly recommend anyone struggling or needing help to self refer. Thank you NNPCN!” – Adwenna Peters

“The program saved my life! Raised my awareness and helped through the loss of my bride.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

Bereavement Group Sessions Evaluations 2016:

“This has been extremely beneficial for the survival of my child loss. I felt alone, broken, and at the edge of insanity. Being part of this helped me to vent, not feel so alone and be able to see some light and feel encouraged. To start a new identity and look at a future. I feel like I will always have someone with me on this new journey. Thank you!” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client.

“Thank you for all the support I have received at the most difficult time of my life. Losing my precious Amy has been the worst traumatic event. I looked forward to my sessions and met mothers who knew and understood exactly how I felt.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client.

“I am so grateful for the support I have received to have a safe welcoming environment to express feelings of grief and to find hope for the future. Thank you seems inadequate.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“Attending the grief counselling with Monica has been a wonderful experience. Monica watched and talked me through all the various steps and stages of grief. She has helped me work through the ups and downs of emotions.” – Evelyn Johnson

“Thank you NNPCN for my past two days of bereavement training. They were enriching, rewarding, positive, and very enjoyable. I am a better person for spending time with you at the Motherhouse where the parking is free and atmosphere is warm and welcoming- to say nothing of the lunches and coffee breaks. Our teacher is unsurpassed in her passion for the subject and her commitment to the growth of hospice services through the Nipissing area. Thank you to all who helped put on our session. I am really looking forward to the next ones. ” – Cecelia Seidler

“My experience with your Bereavement and Grief sessions has been one of great pleasure. Very helpful and freeing! I’m looking forward to the new journey I’ve just started. Thank you.” – Doreen Letourneau

“Everyone was so kind and welcoming at the NNPCN. I learnt so much and am forever grateful for the help I received and the people I met. Thanks especially to Cathie!” – Ashleigh Prud’ Homme

“I didn’t know where to turn, or what to do when I lost my first born son in an accident with a Moose. I just wanted to let go of everything and be with him. I then called NNPCN as I knew I could no longer go on with these thoughts. The best thing I did was make this appointment. All I can say is Thank God for NNPCN and Monica’s talents.” – Donna Giroux

“I have lost a daughter to cancer 12 years ago, a son to suicide 7 months ago, and my husband is going through the stages of Alzheimer’s. Life has been very hard but softened with time after my daughter died. Life became hard again with a vengeance when my son committed suicide. Grief counselling has been a lifeline for me. The facilitator has been kind, understanding, and compassionate, and has walked me through the various stages of grief. My journey is not over yet, but I can work through the future with all the knowledge of understanding of how to keep going on.” – Evelyn Johnson

“Keep up what you are doing! Words cannot express how blessed I was by your services. It has helped me in so many ways! Thank You!” – Bethanie Lachance

“The client may not know what they need in these palliative care sessions and will need some time to sound off, and find ways of dealing with a death of a loved one and loved one’s.” – Martin Johnson

Bereavement Group Sessions Evaluations 2015:

“I sought help in dealing with the excruciating pain following the unexpected sudden death of my daughter. How to cope plus deal with my flashbacks after discovering her. I needed guidance and received a warm and welcoming environment and the tools I could use to help me navigate the painful journey. My facilitator is professional, informed, knowledgeable and very accepting of my feelings. I have great hope for the future.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I highly recommend the bereavement and grief services of the NNPCN. You will be treated with extreme compassion and confidentiality.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“The loss of a spouse is the most difficult event in the adult life and learning to live again after such an event is quite the challenge. Although I reluctantly decided to join grief counseling, I am so glad I did. It has been a lifesaver. I am learning to live again and hope in a future although at times uncertain, that is getting brighter with each passing day.” – Tony Lachance

“The sessions provided through the NNPCN were the only thing that helped me find momentum again after so many years of standing still. For the first time in over a decade, I feel like I am finally living again. Thank you so much.” – Laura Rossi

Bereavement Group Sessions Evaluations 2014:

“This service went beyond any expectations I had. I only knew I needed some guidance and support as nothing I had learned in life really prepared me for the grief I felt losing my husband. The wisdom and compassion I experienced has helped me immensely and I am truly thankful to have received this valuable service.” – Dianne Labreogne

“When I entered the NNPCN it felt like a comfy blanket had been wrapped around me. It was extremely helpful to feel free to unload and share my feelings. There was kindness and loving support always.” – NNPCN Bereavement Services client

“Near North Palliative Care Network has helped me understand better on what is happening to me during the grieving process. Compassionate peer support sessions are great. Help is always there when you need it the most, I loved it and would highly recommend this to anyone who is going through any type of grieving. Thank you for everything you have done for me!” – Sylvie Favero

“All I can say is I like all my sessions. I am happy with everything.” – Jackie Whaley

Bereavement Group Sessions Evaluations  2013:

“Thanks to the help of the Near North Palliative Care Network, I was able to understand the grieving process I am going through. Without the individual one on one sessions, as well as the group session, I would not have been able to handle the loss of my wife Joyce of 27 years. I say thank you to all the staff and people who attended the group from the bottom of my heart.” – Mark Leblanc

“I’m happy I took part in the sessions. Depending on what kind of day I’m having on the Friday. Some weeks it seemed like ‘returning to the scene of the accident.’ Would I recommend this? Of course I would.”  –  NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“My wife died Sept 2012 and I am raising our daughter alone. These sessions taught me to be able to look at a picture of my late wife. I don’t cry anymore, I smile.” –  NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I would highly recommend Near North Palliative Care Network. I had been offered their services last year and was too scared to attend. I stayed in the ‘Denial’ stage of my sister’s sudden death. I received a call from Monica while I was sitting on the beach watching my girls build sand castles this past summer. I knew I needed some kind of support and with the sweet sound of Monica’s voice. The sun sparkling off the water and my girls laughing, to me, it was a sign to accept the help being offered. It was time I deal with my struggle. I was accepted with arms wide open. Not only by Monica and Lana but with all the group members. It was nice to be with others who felt heartache and cried openly. It has been a really great experience and a lot of help with the process of grieving. I really thank NNPCN and will recommend it to anyone in need, Thank You”. –  Susie Aultman

“I was very satisfied with the help received. I recommend anyone that is grief stricken to join the group session. I can speak on behalf of my group people that it is very satisfying and extremely helpful. I’ve made some new friends. Thank you Monica and Lana with all my heart.” –  NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

“I would recommend this session to everyone who lost a loved one. It helped me realize I am not alone with these feelings. It’s OK to cry!! Nobody reacts the same way and same time. They made me understand that and to accept that it’s ok. There is no set time to grieve. Some are longer than others. Thanks for all the help. Will miss the groups.” –  NNPCN Bereavement Services Client

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