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Exercise For Seniors

Sante Active Exercise Videos

French Zumba Gold 2

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Yoga avec Johanne

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Exercices pour Seniors 

Calendar of Events and How to Register

Tuesdays 1:00 – 1:45pm : Seniors Connect with Buddies Weekly

Zoom: Buddies for Seniors is a volunteer-based, buddy system that works to support seniors’ independence at home and improve their quality of life by providing interactions between volunteer seniors and seniors who are in need of support. Every Tuesday via Zoom. Email [email protected] to register 

Tuesdays at 2:00 pm Brain Games

Interactive Brain Games session every Tuesday afternoon. Click here to join:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00pm : Zoom Trivia

Zoom Trivia- Show us what you know (and learn what you don’t) with our weekly trivia challenge. We won’t keep score; but you can! Click here to register:

Wednesdays at 10:00am

Join us for some interesting conversations and a chance to make new friends, from the security of your own home.

Wednesdays and Sundays: Tai Chi- Wednesdays at 6:00 pm and Sundays at 12:00pm. Tai Chi is thought to lower stress and improve concentration, improve your cardiovascular health, and improve your balance and coordination.

Fridays 1:30 to 2:30 : Virtual Vacation with the YMCA

Satisfy your wanderlust every week with our Virtual Vacations activity! We’ll (digitally) take you to a variety of destinations. Click here to register:

For a full calendar of free events from the YMCA, click here

Fridays 3:00pm : Home Bingo

Home Bingo – Home instead hosts online bingo every Friday at 3 pm. The link provides information on where to access the live bingo, and who to contact for bingo cards!

Sundays 1:00 – 3:00pm : Zoom Knitting Club

Zoom: Knitting Club- Bring your needles and yarn and join fellow knitters as they work on their latest creations and share an appreciation for fibre art amongst an inclusive and friendly group. Click here to join:

March 30th 2pm:  Exploring Retirement Living– Join Steve from Barclay House on zoom to find out the benefits to retirement living, which type of retirement community is right for you or your loved one, and ways to make the transition easier.

Register by phone:  705-497-9239 or email Laura at [email protected] 

March 31st 3-4:30: Zoom Music Trivia Game- Can you finish the lyrics? Match a Song title to the artists? Then join Celebration Magazine for this fun and fast-paced trivia game

April 1st, 1 pm: “Let’s Talk about” Advance care planning– Join Lana Richardson for a presentation on the importance of advanced care planning at any age.

Contact Makayla at [email protected] to register or call 705-497-9239

April 4th 9-10 am: In conversation with Sir David Attenborough– Join Liz Bonnin as Sir David Attenborough discusses his hope for the future of our planet. Followed by a Q&A. Be sure to register early.

April 6th, 7-8:30 pm: The Stanford Prison Experiment 50 years later– The Stanford Historical Society sponsors a look back at the controversial study with its leader, social psychologist Philip Zimbardo, Stanford Professor Emeritus of Psychology.

April 7th 9-10am: Online Talk- Salvador Dali– Join Art Society lecturer Val Woodgate to learn more about the mysterious world of Salvador Dali one of the most popular artists of the 20th century.

April 7th, 10:00 am: Ecosystem Video– Log onto Facebook and check out the NNPCN page for a new video presentation on Ecosystems.

April 7th 2:00 pm: Elder Abuse presentation by Brianne MacDowell

Contact Francine Leclair to register: 705-497-9239 or [email protected]

April 8th 4-5pm: Origami Constructible- Learn to fold simple origami structures, and then join them together to create a kinetic origami form! Materials: 16 squares of origami paper all the same size. Recommended dimensions: 12 cm x 12 cm or 4.72in x 4.72 in

April 9th 2:00-3:00 pm: Presentation on Environmental Sustainability Development

Contact Francine Leclair to register: 705-497-9239 or [email protected]

April 12th 8-9:30pm: Virtual Comedy Show- Check out the Chirping Bird FREE Comedy Show! See top headlining comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, MTV, Sirius XM, Fox, HBO Max, NBC and more! Other dates are available.

April 16th 2:00-3:00 pm: “Let’s watch a documentary together” Learn about different cultures

Contact Francine Leclair to register: 705-497-9239 or [email protected]

April 18th 1-3pm: Virtual Tour of Egypt– Come visit Cairo, Giza, Sakkara, Luxor, Aswan – and Amarna — and experience Egypt online! Join us for this zoom event from Toronto and Cairo.

April 19th 10:00-11:00 am: Presentation on Animal Assisted Therapy

Contact Francine Leclair to register: 705-497-9239 or [email protected]

April 22nd 1-2pm: Virtual night sky tour– Join the Royal Observatory Edinburgh Visitor Centre team and guest astronomers to explore their favourite things in the night sky! No experience of stargazing is needed, and there will be a chance to ask questions at the end of this webinar.

April 24th 1-2:30pm: Virtual South African Safari– Come explore what you would see on an overland safari from Windhoek, Namibia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Explore on Zoom with a slideshow and conversation.

April 29th 1-2pm: Virtual Tour of Ireland– Journey to the Emerald Isle and Experience what makes it uniquely Ireland.

Other Things To Do Online: 

Visit the first Virtual Online Museum of Art 

Enjoy nightly Metropolitan Opera Streams 

Take college level courses free online: 

For free online events check out 

Visit the pandas at the Atlanta zoo 

View live cams of animals at the San Diego Zoo 

Tour The Louvre Museum Online- Visit the museum rooms and galeries, admire the palace architecture and enjoy the views!

The Shows Must Go On! Broadway shows on YouTube– Stream and watch a wide variety of Broadway shows for free anytime

Calendrier des événements

Contact [email protected]

Contact Latifa Doudech – (613) 860-1099 poste 5 pour plus information.

Visit NNPCN’s YouTube Channel for an iPad Zoom tutorial and many other informative videos

Near North Palliative Care Network has received a grant in the amount of $20,130 through the Province of Ontario’s Senior’s Community Grant program which will allow us to create an interactive newsletter in both French and English to be distributed to seniors in the Nipissing and Parry Sound region. The goal of this project is to connect seniors to events and services in their area to support health and wellness in a time of physical distancing. The first newsletter will be distributed mid-February followed by an additional three newsletters. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Jull, project coordinator at [email protected].

Le réseau de soins palliatifs Near North a reçu une subvention de 20 130 dollars dans le cadre du programme de subventions communautaires aux personnes âgées de la province de l’Ontario. Cette subvention nous permettra de créer un bulletin d’information interactif en français et en anglais qui sera distribué aux personnes âgées de la région de Nipissing et de Parry Sound. L’objectif de ce projet est de mettre les personnes âgées en contact avec les événements et les services de leur région afin de favoriser la santé et le bien-être à une époque de distanciation physique. Le premier bulletin d’information sera distribué à la mi-février, suivi de trois autres bulletins. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter Laura Jull, coordinatrice du projet, à l’adresse [email protected].

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Main Office:
St. Joseph Motherhouse
2025 Main Street West
North Bay, ON  P1B 2X6
Phone: (705) 497-9239
Fax: (705) 497-1039
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Mattawa Office:
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